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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Paper dresses : not just for paper dolls

I think it is pretty safe to say that most all of you have seen pictures of this Campbell’s Soup paper dress.

But I wonder if everyone knows the history behind this style of paper dress? Yes? No? Well lucky you, I am going to talk about it!

The paper dress was invented in 1966 by Scott Paper Company as a marketing toolpeople could send in $1 to buy a paper dress that came with coupons for discounts on Scott Paper products. Pretty groovy, huh? Well, Scott paper Co. never really expected people to actually wear the dresses – but people did. And they sold a LOT. And so the paper dress trend took-off and other companies starting making paper dresses for advertising campaigns too. Even Andy Warhol got in on the trend (that’s right – he FOLLOWED a trend) & that kids is how we came to have the now famous Campbell’s Souper dress! And what cost $1 back in the 60’s now appraises for $2,000 – $3,000! There is a good article that goes into a little more detail here:

Now that you have been educated – it is time to be entertained & enjoy this collection of photos that I gathered of a few paper dress (All images & paper dress designs are copyrighted to their respective owners)

This is absolutely one of my favorites! It is made completely out of phone book paper. Link to designers page Flickr is below the image.

This one was created by Gary Harvey & made using 30 copies of the ‘Financial Times’.

This one is made out of pink toilet paper!

This one is made with duct tape & tax forms – in a style similar to basket weaving.

Lastly, here is a silly photshopped picture spoofing paper dresses.

What do you think about paper dresses?


Lucy said...

Woah, I didnt know there was so much history in paper dresses! You learn something new every day :)
Reminds me of the challenge they had on Project Runway about making outfits with paper.

Ali Barone said...

guess what I am gonna make...

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